Hello! Welcome to my Personal webpage. My name is Hamed HaddadPajouh (حامد حدادپژوه) and  I’m a senior researcher of computer security at Cyber Science Lab, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I was born in Shiraz, the southeast part of Iran,  which is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world so-called “city of secret”.  My researches and studies are toward Machine Learning solutions for computer security challenges like the security of machine learning A.K.A adversarial machine learning. I was Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at  SUTEA Lab and a member of Cyber Science Lab (C.S.L) at University of Guelph Canada. 

I’m also a computer security lecturer (like fundamental of secure computing, advanced network security). I’ve been appointed as supervisor of M.Sc. students toward accomplishing their thesis in the realm of computer security topics.   I really enjoy collaborating with any researchers or students on security topics. 

My activities are not confined to the academic tasks, I am Co-founder of three IT-powered startups which named as:

AppSaz:  is an online mobile application builder platform; for end-user without knowledge of developing and Appsaz-Hybrid for mobile application developers,

GriffiniX®:  is AI-Powered cybersecurity startup which provides different solutions for a different segment of the industries like IoT based environment,

TaskSaz:  is online agile project management solution based on Redmine,